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What’s the scoop on the Dark Age Dawning series?
They’re apocalyptic paranormal romance, forthcoming from Berkley Sensation. The first book drops June 7th. Book two comes out in September 2011, and the final installment in the trilogy comes out in time for Christmas.

How do you divide the work?

We write every other chapter, and then edit the book together until the voice feels seamless.

I heard Carrie is writing the dude. Does that mean Ann is the woman? How did you two divvy / decide that?

As it would open the way for some great jokes, we actually take turns. We split the male and female protagonists, main and secondary.

How did you two first meet each other?

We ‘met’ on Smart Bitches and became friends through email and IM. Eventually we dared each other to go to RWA some years back, an “I will if you will” and “I double-dog dare you” kind of thing. That was when we met for the first time in person. It was a huge conference and we were both intimidated, but we had a great time. Each year it’s more fun as we meet new people.

How many books in the series? And are there plans for any other series?

Dark Age Dawning” is most definitely a trilogy. We have ideas for two more series, but we’re not posting the details here for obvious reasons.

What do you like best about working together?

Ann: I like doing half the work and winding up with a full book.

Carrie: The energy is great. Fiction can be such a solitary madness, with long periods between writing and hearing feedback. It’s so nice to have someone else click with ideas and enthusiasm, and to get that instant hit of, “Oh, yeah, this works!” Momentum becomes so easy!

If Ellen Connor were a Barbie, what would her Barbie name be?

Easy! Apocalypse Barbie. She comes with gas mask, fallout shelter and a full compliment of weapons. Armored vehicle and Apocalypse Ken not included.

Is the “Dark Age Dawning” series future or present time? Is there romance involved?

It’s future, unspecified as to how far from our time to keep from it from becoming dated. (But we actually do know the year.) And as for the romance, that’s a resounding yes! We love us some hot-and-dirty lovin’.

So is Ellen Connor urban fantasy or romance?

These are romance novels, although they are dark, different and action-packed. Be prepared for grit and heavy emotion with your apocalyptic magic!