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Hat Trick!!

Once again Ann and I are stoked to find that our “Dark Age Dawning” trilogy–in this case, December’s DAYBREAK–has been honored by RT Book Reviews with a 4 1/2 Stars Top Pick review!

The dynamite duo of Ann Aguirre and Carrie Lofty (aka Connor) conclude their post-apocalyptic Dark Age Dawning trilogy by unleashing an unforgettable tale packed with treachery, betrayal and hope. A crisp storytelling style keeps the pace moving, and there’s lots of emotional resonance. An outstanding capper to a terrific series, here’s hoping these two talents join forces again.

We’ve been so lucky that all three novels have been highly regarded! We hope you enjoy enjoy Tru and Pen’s story, and the conclusion of the trilogy!

2 Responses to “Hat Trick!!”

  • Audrey Says:

    Please write more. maybe 50 more. Your so very excellent. Thank you
    Audrey T

  • Kelli Says:

    Please tell me you have more stories to right in this world. I loved all three books and was hoping to hear more. You guys built an awesome new apocalypse world that was thrilling and suspenseful. But we need to know more! Not the future necessarily but maybe more books set parallel to the time frame of the trilogy?? Its just been sooo long since I got this interested in a new series. It would be awful if it ended now….

    Please write more!!

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